Using For User Experience Project Management Retrospectives

One of my teams recently started using to keep track of project-related information.

There are several online project management tools out there; I’ve already talked about 10, and Mingle, for example.

One of the nice things that Trello does well is the visual dashboard, that can be customized. Think of it as a “virtual” whiteboard or sticky-board. For example, we recently used Trello to document the team’s quarterly retrospective comments:

Using the typical “Start/Stop/Keep Doing” management review technique, we customized team members’ comments into the various buckets. As a team, we reviewed them together, and then re-categorized them as necessary. Within the team meeting, we added new columns – “What upsets me the most” and then “Actionable”. Those cards were then assigned to members on the team for follow-up review and completion. Being able to assign due dates, provide attachments, show activity, as well as color-code and group comments made the Trello tool particularly effective for user experience project management retrospectives.


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