Using “Mingle” as a Project Management Tool for AGILE Software Development

Can one tool serve the need for all of software development? We evaluated Mingle.

Story Epics and Cards. Iteration Sprints. We’re Talking AGILE software.

The best: The ability to track multiple epics, stories, requirements, and ownership within one tool. The “Mingle wall” is a great way to prioritize and create custom views of epics or projects.

The worst: The “backend” way of entering data can get complicated, unless you have already built templates.

The basic project management flow works like this: First, you (or a business analyst) build story cards that contain the requirements. Story cards get merged into Epics, which can further be prioritized into iterations on the interaction “Mingle wall”. Cards can be sorted (and color coded) based on ownership, status, or any number of customizable parameters. Users can add “Murmurs” or comments to stories, as well as mark when they are complete.


Product, Project & Account Mgnmt


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