Axure Interaction Design Wireframe – LMS Enhancement

Problem Statement: Usability studies indicate that students are getting lost within their online course.

Request: How can we improve the experience and increase their learning potential?

View The Solution: Add end-user in-course navigational improvements within a pre-defined Learning Management System. A website wireframe, also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website.

By default, the Moodle Open Source Learning Management system does not support within online course page-by-page navigation. The “ask” is to include this level of page by page navigation.

The wireframe, prepared in Axure, shows the end user’s course homepage. There are two sections to review:

As a course administrator, the proposed solution is to add a button in the left rail allowing only administrators to configure the new course navigation buttons. (Students will not see the Navigation Button Settings button.) When the administrator clicks on “Settings”, all of the relevant settings for the new navigation buttons are presented to the administrator and can be customized. Once all of the settings are customized by the course administrator, the course administrator clicks on “Save Changes”.
As a student, the user clicks on “About Your How Journey”, “How Is For You” (or any other page within the course). Once clicked, the student is presented with the details of that section of the course. The new “Back” and “Next” buttons, as configured by the course administrator, are now present. They function according to how the administrator configured the buttons.

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