Romantic Music Performed by Ed Przyzycki

Featuring contemporary and traditional favorites, this compilation contains a relaxing mix of piano, smooth pan flute, violin and trumpet orchestrations arranged and performed by Ed Przyzycki.

01. Featured Track – Mia and Sebastian’s Theme – Late for the Date (From La La Land)

Everyone loves a good Hollywood ending, and Mia and Sebastian’s Theme sets the audience up for the ending. It’s one of the themes used throughout the movie.

02. Last Date (Floyd Cramer)

Cramer invented a style of piano playing called “Slip Note”: A relaxed, on-the-beat grace note that usually leads up to a chord tone. As part of a two- or three-part right-hand chord, the “slipped” note itself provides a melodic embellishment, usually an added second (or ninth) or major sixth.

03. February Song (Josh Groban)

Just out of a relationship, and a lot of decisions to be made.

04. Moon River (Henry Mancini)

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic theme.

05. Dolannes Melodie (Paul de Senneville & Olivier Toussaint)

06. Magic Sleigh Ride (Jim Chappell)

A little left over holiday sound perhaps, but still an enjoyable and relaxing piano solo.

07. Karen’s Theme (Ed Przyzycki)

Written for my girlfriend in 1999, who’s now my wife.

08. For The First Time (Ed Przyzycki)

Just a stab at writing my own piano solo.




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