Emergency Vehicle Videos

Historical Chicagoland Emergency Show Videos Available via Digital Download or DVD

In addition to the free video above, you can purchase additional video content professionally shot, edited, and narrated from previous events. Each of the videos available for purchase showcases many of the over 200 police, fire, EMS, military and emergency management vehicles as they converged on North Aurora, Illinois. The videos feature antique and modern day emergency response vehicles on display, real-life tactical and rescue simulations, and more.

Enjoy great footage of antique police cars, antique fire trucks, emergency vehicles in action, SWAT demonstrations, fire/rescue scenarios, vehicle extractions, and more! Plus, interviews with antique car collector enthusiasts who have restored and/or performing restorations on classic emergency vehicles.

We offer downloadable videos directly from our site below. You can also order DVD copies directly from Amazon.

Please note the videos available for purchase are in standard definition. The DVDs contain bonus features, including still photographs and other vignettes (and 5.1 surround audio) that are not available in the digital download versions.

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