Ed Przyzycki | Video | Digital Strategic Planner, eCommerce Product Manager, Media Technologist

About Ed Przyzycki

An accomplished digital arts expert, Ed Edited It Productions executive producer Edward Przyzycki offers a unique blend of both extensive “hands-on” experience (think Adobe Creative Suite applications such as Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects), as well as leadership/managerial and producer/project management experience in the areas of eLearning, video production, website design (including user research and user experience), mobile app development, content management, and product development.

Ed Przyzycki, Executive Producer of Ed Edited It Productions

In addition to his knowledge of Adobe products, Ed Przyzycki is familiar with Web standards and systems such as SCORM, XML, DITA, and HTML/CSS, including several CMS/LMS environments, and has also served in management – performing such tasks as project and departmental budgeting, coordinating scriptwriting/storyboards, and working with subject matter experts, field producers, internal direct reports, and freelance staff.

Now Get Specific

Need a wireframe? Yes, he’s dangerous enough to build a prototype in Axure. Understanding abandonment trends using Google Analytics? Ed’s done that. Is Ed familiar with Agile/lean UX methodologies? Check the box for JIRA, Trello, Asana, 10,000FT.com, Mingle, and more. And yes, Ed’s coded a page or two using Bootstrap. He even customized an entire LMS using that framework. Ed’s strength is understanding and using the technology – but also building the strategic roadmaps and vision documents to maximize revenue. Yea, he gets business, too. He’s personally landed clients such as McDonalds, Abbie Pharmaceuticals, TTX, and worked for ecommerce giants such as Sears Holdings, and more. But don’t just take our word for it. If that’s not creative enough, he also has a passion for playing and teaching music. Although, don’t judge his taste in genres.

Ed Edited It Productions

Yes. It started in college – Ed majored in broadcast communications – journalism – video production. He needed a production company name for his the first video he produced and edited. When asked who edited the video, someone answered “Ed Edited It”, and the name stuck. With respects to the “Mia’s” of the world, Ed likes to say that “Ed is the only name in mEDia.” Hopefully, his name will come to mind the next time you think of media.

Products and Services

Video Production | eCommerce | eLearning | Music Production and Education

Contact Information

Ed Przyzycki, Executive Producer

1478 Glenside Drive | Bolingbrook, IL 60490 | +1 (630) 698-0014 | Text Us

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Awards and Accolades

IMA Outstanding Achievement Award for Web Design
MarCom Award for marketing microsite and video production
Telly and Aegis Awards for outstanding video production
New Media Invision Bronze Medal Award for producing interactive accounting software
Excellence in Distance Learning Award for developing video-based continuing education courses
Featured speaker at the eLearning Guild’s annual eLearning Instructional Design Symposium

Additional Resources and Links

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