Performance of “February Song” by Josh Groban

This is one of those songs that you do the best you can with, despite the best part of all, the vocals. Josh Groban makes this song work with his voice. Here’s my feeble attempt, despite that.

Josh Groban explained that, “I was half asleep on the couch … I was just out of a relationship, I had just finished the whole experience of ‘Closer’ and the tour, and there were a lot of decisions about my future that had to be made, all by myself. I got up, sat at the piano and wanted to write a melody that represented that journey and the loneliness of that feeling — with the assurance that answers would come. It came to me in the flick of an eye.”

Groban “Awakens” to International Sounds (Reuters/Billboard) –November 4, 2006

In case you are interested in seeing the original performed live, here you go:



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