Check The Vehicle History Lead Generator

New car sales in 2015 were up 68 percent from 2009’s trough, and auto loans outstanding grew from $700 billion in mid-2011 to over $1.1 trillion today, according to a reports from and

In the U.K., the used car market contributed 51% of the total sales in 2014 with GBP 45.1 billion.

Combine that with this stunning statistic: Automakers recalled a record of 51.2 million vehicles over 868 separate recalls in 2015, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. (Source: USA Today)

That’s one of the reasons Ed Edited It Productions developed, a website that attempts to capture a percentage of that “in-market car buying” audience in an attempt to monetize the traffic into leads for dealers.
The Challenge: Develop a lead-generation site to capture people that may be in the market for a vehicle.
Project: CheckTheVehicleHistory- A website that allows consumers to enter their specific vehicle’s VIN number, and then get free data on if the year, make and model of the vehicle has a recall. Also provide free crash report data and a free vehicle evaluation tool, all using publically available data from NHTSA and If the user agrees to the site’s terms and conditions, the site then gathers the user’s name and email address, and provides (sells) it to local dealers as leads.
Audience: Anyone looking for information on their current vehicle, or entering the vehicle market


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