• Romantic Favorites Performed by Ed Przyzycki

    Romantic Music Performed by Ed Przyzycki

    Featuring contemporary and traditional favorites, this compilation contains a relaxing mix of piano, smooth pan flute, violin and trumpet orchestrations arranged and performed by Ed Przyzycki.… More
  • Happy Holidays! “Keys” To Christmas

    Seasons Greetings from Ed Przyzycki, of Ed Edited It Productions! “Keys to Christmas” is our latest free music album, just in time for the 2014 holiday season, with music performed and arranged by Ed Przyzycki. Liner Notes for “Keys to Christmas” I bought my first music keyboard in 1998, and promptly recorded a holiday album called “Heart for the Holidays”.… More
  • Arranging and Recording “Dolannes Melody” by Jean-Claude Borelly

    One of the more challenging things to do on a keyboard is to make it, well, not sound like a keyboard. Since I wanted to see how my Yamaha MOXF8 could handle a good trumpet solo, and since it seems to be one of my dad’s favorite songs, I decided to track my own version of “Dolannes Melody”, by Jean-Claude Borelly.… More
  • Performance of “February Song” by Josh Groban

    This is one of those songs that you do the best you can with, despite the best part of all, the vocals. Josh Groban makes this song work with his voice. Here’s my feeble attempt, despite that.… More
  • Skylanders” Theme (Cover) Midi and Sheet Music

    One of the most requested my piano students ask to play is “The Theme from Skylanders”. In case you don’t know, Skylanders (Spyro’s Adventure to be specific) is a very popular video game. It was composed and orchestrated by Hans Zimmer, who provided a great behind-the-scenes interview about working on this very unique video game for children.… More