10,000ft.com – Big Picture Online Project Management Tool

Over a 3 month period, we evaluated the use of the online project management tool referred to as 10000ft.com.

The benefit of a tool like this is the ability to visually represent long-range resource needs and allocations. It’s also a great tool for resource planning “what-if” scenarios. The ability to view/sort by various programs, projects and also individual resources time/availability is also a valuable addition.

The drawbacks include the price of the tool, which gets expensive if several resources need administrative access. The other major drawback is that it is very easy for multiple administrators to “overwrite” current information, and version control may become a problem.

For program management, it’s probably one of the most effective project management tools we have seen in a long time. It certainly outweighs Microsoft Project for program management.


Product, Project & Account Mgnmt

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